At First Choice we believe that all inclusive holidays are the perfect opportunity if you want to embrace life and go all in on your holiday. At First Choice we pride ourselves on being the only travel company that goes all in on all inclusive and this summer we have made it our mission to help you embrace your holiday to the full.

Filming your time on holiday is easier than ever, but spending the time to edit together a holiday film can be challenging. We have created All In Productions to help you transform your favourite holiday memories into a professional holiday film using our easy editing tips and tricks.

Beth's all in production story

Ten year old film fanatic, Beth Ward, sent us a heart-warming letter urging us to watch her homemade film after going on holiday to First Choice’s Azul Fives by Karisma in Mexico. Seeing Beth’s passion for the big screen, we just couldn’t resist giving her the opportunity of a lifetime and help turn her big screen film ambitions into a reality.

We were so impressed with Beth’s holiday film that we called upon the help of actor, producer and TV mentor Martin Kemp, to help add some movie magic to the film and take it from Beth’s YouTube channel to the box office. It was the perfect pairing too, with the two meeting in a London studio in secret for the ultimate movie making masterclass.

by Beth Ward

by Martin Kemp

To celebrate Beth’s newly edited film, the red carpet was rolled out at her local Vue cinema in Darlington for a special premiere. The cinematic production was unveiled to Beth’s friends and family, who were all given the ultimate VIP experience ahead of the film’s release nationwide.

Beth & Martin's Top Tips

When Beth and Martin met up in the studio for a movie making masterclass, the pair produced a series of top tips to make filming even easier for you. Take a look at the videos below for some insider hints and tricks to help with your own holiday film.